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In the text box (Enter city) you need to specify a city or town and click (Search on the map)

Our service differs from others in that you can easily look at the world map any objects
For example: selecting Pharmacies, you can find all pharmacies in your city on the map displays markers Pharmacies
when you click on a marker you will find detailed information about the object.

So as you can choose your search radius in kilometers, which means that all pharmacies will be found in your chosen radius
For example: selecting a radius of 5 km, you will see only pharmacy in this radius, the measurement range is derived from the current center of the map.

In fact, it is very convenient, say you eat in an unfamiliar city and you need to know in advance which are in this city
for example: Hotels, Banks, Cafes, Department stores, Attractions, Pharmacies and other facilities, all very easy to find using
our service search for objects on a map of the world.

Enjoy using our services!

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