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Measuring distances on a map of America (USA) and the world

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Calculation of the distance on the map of the world between any points on the
map, our service allows you to calculate the exact distance like in a straight line so
and with reference to the road on a map of the world.

How to use our service!

You need to enter in the text box (Enter city) your locality where
you will make their measurements of the distance, and press
(Search on the map), now choose a place on the map where you want to make
distance calculation by clicking the left mouse button on the map at the location from which
you start your calculation of the distance the blue marker will now also very
click on a place on the map where the finish point of your calculation.

Points calculation can be an unlimited amount, for that would remove
the last point of the calculation of the distance on the map you have to push the button
(To delete the last payment) if you need to zoom in / zoom the map your
Place the distance calculation for a detailed view you can just click on
button (Zoom in on the map), you can also remove the display markers
on the world map by clicking on the button (Remove marker) will now show only
blue line on the map without markers if you need to remove all settlements on
click on the map (Clear all calculations).

The same calculation of the distance you can lay in a straight line on the map
(Direct), or payment tied to the roads (Snap to roads)
In direct - meaning that all the calculations of the distance will be measured in a straight line.
Snap to roads - means that all the calculations of the distance will be measured on the roads.
The calculation of distance is available (kilometers, miles, yards, nautical miles).

Enjoy your use of our services!

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