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This service will help you to consider houses, roads and all the surrounding objects in Washington on the street level.
You can also move in different directions creates the illusion of the virtual
presence on the streets.
Panoramic photos of streets are linked to the map thanks to GPS navigation.
Panoramic photos will help you to make a virtual journey to Washington, and
you will be able to observe your route of advancement on the sketch map.

How to use our service!

In order to use the service to view panoramic photos, you need to enter
in the text box (Enter city) your city or town and click on the button
search (Search on the map) and you will see a map of your chosen city or town.

The first map (top) is a conventional schematic map of the streets and homes.
The second map (bottom) – panoramic map of streets and homes.

On the first map you can move the marker anywhere, when you begin to move the marker
on the first map you see will appear as dark blue lines – they mean that for these places
marked blue lines on the map of panoramic photos of streets and houses, and the blue circles
on the first map marked with all the attractions.

If you move the marker on the blue line or blue circle, bottom panoramic
the map shows a panoramic photo of the place.
If on the first map marker to move outside the blue line or circle, we will send a message to
the second map that "There are no panoramas of your current location!" this means that the panoramic photo
this area is not created yet.
To manage the promotion of the panoramic map with the arrow keys, and zoom
and zoom out of the panorama can be the "plus" and "minus", for a panoramic card
the compass has a red arrow which points to "SOUTH"
to view a panoramic map on the screen, you need to click on
in the upper right corner panoramic maps.

In addition you will have access to address and geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the point where
marker is on (top of) map.

Also you can share the link with friends on your current location on the panoramic map!
for example you want to show someone the interesting place that you have found on a panoramic map for
do this, copy and send the link to a friend.

If you have a website or blog and you want to have the same service as we do, just
copy the widget code for your site or blog.
Enjoy your use of our services!

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