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How do you set up your own satellite dish!
Our online service will allow you to customize your satellite dish on the - 255 satellites.
All this is very easy to do!

1. Do you need a satellite dish itself and converter, satellite receiver - the receiver, TV cable and television itself.

2. You will need wrenches and electric drill and other tools and accessories for mounting the satellite antenna to the wall and the roof, install the antenna better in an easily accessible place where it is always easier to install and maintain in case of breakage of components.

3. You have to find a convenient place for fixing a satellite dish on the balcony wall, roof or anywhere else, the main thing that was not interference such as a large tree, a house, a wall that will prevent the ingress signal on the selected satellite to your satellite antenna (your antenna should look directly at the moon), without any interference!

4. To receive the most satellites lack a satellite dish with a diameter of 0.8 - 1.20 m, the satellite is farther away from you the larger the diameter of the antenna has to be for a more accurate calculation, see the coverage area of ​​your companion!

5. In some countries, installation of satellite antenna is prohibited without coordination with local authorities, as well as if you are renting also need to ask permission from the property owner!

6. Each satellite has open (free) channels they can watch for free, there is also a pay-TV channels to view them you need a satellite tuner - receivers a card reader and the card that must be inserted into the card reader of your satellite receiver card need to pre-register and activate itself at the service provider in accordance with the tariff plan, for example, you'll be able to watch 100 channels closed for $ 10 / month but usually for home and enough free channels are hundreds of them on each satellite, and broadcast in different languages!

7. With our online service, you can customize your satellite dish to any of the 255 satellites. To do this on the map you have to find a place where you want to install a satellite dish, choose from the list you are interested in satellite and you get options to set the antenna, which way to turn the mirror of the antenna on the map you indicate (green line) if (the red line) this means that there is no possibility of receiving your chosen companion in your city, the angle of the mirror of the antenna, turn the converter and much more.

8. After pre-configure your satellite dish according to the instructions of our service. Now connect the antenna cable to the antenna and the receiver, connect the receiver to your TV and turn them on. You must make an automatic search of all the channels at this satellite, after a successful search select any channel (press the INFO button on the remote satellite tuner) you should see the two scales - the signal strength and signal quality with values ​​close to zero, gradually start to rotate the mirror antenna (left, right, up, down) in steps of 0.5 cm and a delay of 5 seconds until the signal level is not more than 90%, and the quality of more than 75%, the TV shows a clear picture now all fasteners antenna should be well tighten gently but that would not bring down the settings - everything is ready, enjoy your viewing.

Full list of satellites to which our service can help you set up your free satellite dish.

All satellites are in geostationary orbit, its approximately 35,000 km above the equator.
Each satellite orbits the planet at an angular velocity equal to the angular velocity of rotation of the Earth, and so it is always on the same point of the earth's surface.
The order of the names and coordinates of 255 satellites in the table.

The name of the satellite The position of the satellite
Meteosat 9 0.0°E
Thor 3 + 5 0.8°W
Intelsat 10-02 1.0°W
Skynet 5A 1.1°W
Amos 1 1.5°W
Astra 1C 2.0°E
Rascom-QAF 1 2.8°E
Telecom 2C 3.0°E
Eutelsat W2M 3.7°E
Eurobird 4 4.0°E
Amos 2 + 3 4.0°W
Sirius 3 + 4 4.8°E
Thor 2 5.0°E
Atlantic Bird 3 / Syracuse 3B 5.0°W
Eutelsat W3A 7.0°E
Nilesat 101 + 102 7.0°W
Atlantic Bird 4A 7.2°W
Cosmos 2224 7.6°W
Atlantic Bird 2 / Telecom 2D 8.0°W
Eurobird 9A 9.0°E
Meteosat 8 9.4°E
Eutelsat W1 10.0°E
Express A3 / Express-AM 44 11.0°W
Cosmos 2379 / Sicral 1B 11.8°E
Atlantic Bird 1 12.5°W
Hot Bird 6 + 8 + 9 13.0°E
Skynet 4C 13.3°E
Gorizont 32 13.6°W
Express 4A 14.0°W
Telstar 12 15.0°W
Inmarsat 3-F2 15.5°W
Atlantic Bird 4 / Eutelsat W2 16.0°E
Sicral 1 16.3°E
Raduga-1 8 16.6°E
Skynet 5C 17.7°W
Intelsat 901 18.0°W
Astra 1F + 1H + 1KR + 1L + 1M 19.2°E
Intelsat 603 20.0°W
Afristar 21.0°E
Artemis / Eutelsat W6 21.6°E
NSS 7 22.0°W
Astra 1E + 1G + 3A 23.5°E
Intelsat 905 24.5°W
Inmarsat 3-F5 + 4-F2 25.0°E
Eurobird 2 25.5°E
Badr 4 (Arabsat 4B) / Badr 6 26.0°E
Intelsat 907 27.5°W
Astra 2A + 2B + 2D 28.2°E
Eurobird 1 28.5°E
Xtar-Eur 29.0°E
Hispasat 1C + 1D / Spainsat 30.0°W
Arabsat 2B / Badr 3 (Arabsat 3A) 30.5°E
Türksat 1C 31.0°E
Astra 1D + 2C 31.5°E
Intelsat 801 31.5°W
Eurobird 3 / Galaxy 11 / Intelsat 802 33.0°E
Skynet 4F 33.9°W
AMC 14 34.5°E
Intelsat 903 34.5°W
Nato 4B 35.0°E
Skynet 4E 35.3°E
Eutelsat W4 / Sesat 1 36.0°E
NSS-10 (AMC 12) / Telstar 11N 37.5°W
Paksat 1 38.0°E
Hellas-Sat 2 39.0°E
Eurobird 9 / Express-AM 1 40.0°E
NSS 806 40.5°W
TDRS 10 40.8°W
Türksat 2A + 3A 42.0°E
Intelsat 11 + 3R 43.0°W
Thuraya-2 44.0°E
Intelsat 12 45.0°E
Intelsat 1R 45.0°W
TDRS 4 45.8°W
Africasat 1 (Measat 1) 46.0°E
Syracuse 3A 47.0°E
Intelsat 601 47.6°E
GSat 2 48.0°E
TDRS 1 48.9°W
Yamal 202 49.0°E
Intelsat 705 50.0°W
Galaxy 26 50.8°E
Skynet 5B 52.8°E
Express-AM 22 53.0°E
Intelsat 707 53.0°W
Inmarsat 3-F4 54.0°W
Intelsat 706 54.8°E
Insat 3E 55.0°E
Intelsat 805 55.5°W
Bonum 1 56.0°E
NSS 703 57.0°E
Meteosat 7 57.5°E
Intelsat 9 58.0°W
Intelsat 904 60.0°E
GOES 10 60.0°W
Amazonas 61.0°W
Echostar 12 + 3 61.5°W
Intelsat 902 62.0°E
TDRS 9 62.2°W
Estrela Do Sul 63.0°W
Intelsat 906 64.2°E
Inmarsat 3-F1 64.5°E
Star One C1 65.0°W
Intelsat 702 + 704 66.0°E
Meteosat 6 67.5°E
Brasilsat B1 68.0°W
Intelsat 10 + 7 68.5°E
Cosmos 2350 69.1°E
Raduga-1M 1 70.0°E
Star One C2 70.0°W
Eutelsat W5 70.5°E
Intelsat 4 72.0°E
AMC 6 / Nahuel 1A 72.0°W
DirecTV 1R / Echostar 6 72.5°W
Edusat / Insat 3C + 4CR / Kalpana 1 (Metsat 1) 74.0°E
Horizons 2 74.0°W
Insat 1D 74.4°E
ABS 1 75.0°E
Brasilsat B3 75.0°W
Raduga 32 75.6°E
GOES 12 75.8°W
Cosmos 2133 / Telstar 10 (Apstar 2R) 76.5°E
Esiafi 1 / Tian Lian I 77.0°E
Echostar 4 + 8 77.0°W
Luch 1 77.5°E
Venesat 1 78.0°W
Cosmos 2085 + 2371 78.2°E
Thaicom 2 + 5 78.5°E
AMC 5 / Satcom C3 79.0°W
Express-Am 2 / Express-MD1 80.0°E
Cosmos 2440 80.3°E
Beidou 1B 80.4°E
Galaxy 9 81.0°W
DirecTV 3 / Nimiq 4 82.0°W
Insat 2E + 3B + 4A 83.0°E
AMC 9 83.0°W
Brasilsat B4 84.0°W
Beidou G2 / TDRS 3 84.5°E
AMC 16 85.0°W
XM 1 (Roll) + 2 (Rock) + 3 (Rhythm) 85.1°W
Intelsat 709 85.2°E
Raduga-1 7 85.4°E
Fengyun 2D 86.7°E
AMC 3 87.0°W
Chinastar 1 87.5°E
ST-1 88.0°E
Galaxy 28 89.0°W
TDRS 8 89.3°E
Yamal 102 + 201 90.0°E
Kodama (DRTS) 90.8°E
Galaxy 17 / Nimiq 1 + 2 91.0°W
Measat 3 91.5°E
Brasilsat B2 92.0°W
Chinasat 9 92.2°E
ICO G1 92.8°W
Galaxy 25 93.1°W
Insat 3A + 4B 93.5°E
NSS 6 95.0°E
Galaxy 3C / Spaceway 3 95.0°W
Express-AM 33 96.5°E
Galaxy 19 97.0°W
Inmarsat 4-F3 97.6°W
Zhongxing 22 / Zhongxing-20 98.0°E
Inmarsat 2-F2 98.0°W
ProtoStar 1 / Thuraya 3 98.5°E
Galaxy 16 99.0°W
DirecTV 11 / Spaceway 2 99.2°W
Leasat 5 100.0°E
Asiasat 2 100.5°E
AMC 2 + 4 / DirecTV 8 101.0°W
DirecTV 4S + 9S 101.1°W
AMSC 1 / Solidaridad 1 101.3°W
DirecTV 10 / Spaceway 1 102.8°W
Express 2A / Kazsat 1 / Zhongxing 22A 103.0°E
AMC 1 103.0°W
Fengyun 2C 104.2°E
Asiastar 105.0°E
AMC 15 + 18 / Satcom C5 105.0°W
GOES 13 / Les 9 105.0°W
Gstar 1 105.2°W
Asiasat 3S 105.5°E
Acts 105.8°W
Gstar 3 106.0°W
MSat M1 106.5°W
Anik F1 + F1R 107.3°W
Indostar 1 107.7°E
NSS 11 / Telkom 1 China & India 108.0°E
Inmarsat 2-F4 109.0°E
BS-3N / BSat 1A + 2A + 2C + 3A / Nsat 110 110.0°E
DirecTV 5 / Echostar 10 + 11 110.0°W
Beidou 1C / Sinosat 1 (Xinnuo 1) 110.5°E
Anik F2 / Wildblue 1 111.1°W
Koreasat 5 / Palapa C2 113.0°E
Satmex 6 113.0°W
Solidaridad 2 114.9°W
XM 4 (Blues) 115.0°W
Zhongxing 6B 115.5°E
Koreasat 3 116.0°E
Koreasat 2 116.5°E
Satmex 5 116.8°W
Telkom 2 118.0°E
Anik F3 118.7°W
DirecTV 7S / Echostar 7 119.0°W
Thaicom 4 119.5°E
Thaicom 1 120.0°E
Galaxy 23 121.0°W
Asiasat 4 122.2°E
Garuda 1 123.0°E
Galaxy 12 + 18 123.0°W
Fengyun 2E 123.5°E
JCSAT 6 124.0°E
Sinosat 3 125.0°E
AMC 21 / Galaxy 14 125.0°W
Galaxy 13 (Horizons-1) 127.0°W
JCSAT 10 128.0°E
Ciel 2 / Galaxy 27 129.0°W
Apstar 1A 130.0°E
AMC 11 131.0°W
JCSAT 9 / Vinasat 1 132.0°E
Galaxy 15 133.0°W
Apstar 6 134.0°E
AMC 10 / GOES 11 135.0°W
N-Star C 136.0°E
AMC 7 137.0°W
Apstar 5 (Telstar 18) 138.0°E
AMC 8 139.0°W
Beidou 1A / Express-AM 3 / Himawari 6 140.0°E
Apstar 1 141.9°E
Inmarsat 2-F1 142.0°W
Kizuna (Winds) 143.0°E
Inmarsat 4-F1 143.5°E
MBSat / Superbird 7 + C 144.0°E
MTSat 2 145.0°E
Agila 2 / Kiku 8 146.0°E
Measat 2 148.0°E
Echostar 1 148.0°W
JCSAT 4 150.0°E
TDRS 7 150.7°W
Optus D2 152.0°E
JCSAT 8 154.0°E
Optus C1 156.0°E
Optus D1 160.0°E
Superbird 4 162.0°E
Optus B3 164.0°E
Intelsat 8 166.0°E
TDRS 5 167.8°W
Intelsat 2 + 5 169.0°E
TDRS 6 170.8°W
AMC 23 172.0°E
NSS 9 177.0°W
GOES 7 177.5°W
Intelsat 602 177.9°E
Cosmos 2319 178.0°W
Inmarsat 3-F3 178.1°E
Intelsat 701 180.0°E

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